Life After Series

Life After Series by Julie Hall

First book: Huntress

Plot: Audrey is dead. Yup dead, and she can’t seem to remember anything about her life before the after life. Now she is being told she is going to be a Hunter? Killing Demons was not on her to do list and her new trainer is the worst. Logan dislikes her even while feeling connected to her. And then they kiss and it’s a mess! What’s a girl to do?

Review: So I kind of love this series. But I will put a note that it is super religious. And I mean if you don’t like books that push belief in God and his plan, probably just don’t read. If you can get past that it’s a solid idea that is just a great read. See below for a prize pack picture( authors can be awesome).

Should you read? Can you get past the religious obsessed book? Then probably. It’s a good after life after story that has a pretty awesome romance. But again it’s all about following and belief in God as the underlying theme.

The complete series is out now.

Amazon – Book 1

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