Mini Reviews

Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

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Review: Nothing makes one swoon as much as a story of two people finding eachother. Meeting online, then in real life. Neither knows the other is actually their online bff. It makes the story and romance that much better. I adore the characters and the back stories so well woven in. I read this after reading her other book and I found that this one was much better. The way the characters interact and grow to be fond instead of an insta-love.

Should you try it: Perfect for fans of romance that will curl your toes with giddiness.

Enchanted Chaos by Jessica Sorensen

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Review: This was not what I thought it was going to be at all. I have read both the first and second book. The story and the magic is magnificent and different. The romance is fun and not at all what you are expecting. My only problem is that I am unclear if this is a reverse harem or just wierdly written? I may have to wait for the third book to find out.

Should you try it: If you like new magic, house full of hot guys, and surprising romance this may be for you.

How to Flunk Magic by Stella Wilkinson

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Review: I read this through Kindle Unlimited. Its a fun read of magic going wrong. This book reads like how I imagine a real life witch would handle magic. Not everything will go right and you have to learn to be yourself. Plus the boy was swoon worthy.
My only problem is that it is very British. The terms and writing are sometimes very difficult to understand.

Should you try it: Do you enjoy magic that goes horribly wrong?

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