Versus – Snow Books

(In announcer voice) Today’s contenders are:

Lets just all take a moment to admire these covers…

Beautiful. Moving on. So the theme here is obviously snow, magic, and two people locked away but who choose to fight for both themselves and their countries. Lets begin.

Battle 1: Plot

Snow Queen(SQ): Rakel, a princess by birth, has spent most of her life exiled on a barren mountain, despised because of her powerful snow magic. Though she longs to be accepted, she hides in her ice-castle and lives with the fear that her brother—the King—will one day order her execution.

CurseBreaker(CB): Eighteen-year-old Helga “Hel” Daalgaard has accepted that the only love and adventure in her future live within the pages of the books her father brings for her from his travels. She’s content helping around the home she shares with her parents and eight siblings; it may be a dull life but it’s all she’s ever known… until a polar bear arrives at their tiny cottage and offers up a strange proposal.

Winner: CurseBreaker. It just has such a well done plot with so much going on.

Battle 2: Magic

SQ: Obviously there is a lot of magic. Snow queen that is so much more powerful that she believes. I mean really she could have done more if she only believed in herself (now i sound like a cat poster).

CB: There is obviously a lot of magic here too. A curse on a prince to make him a bear. Having to travel through magical lands, and so much more that I cannot say because Spoilers.

Winner: Snow Queen. I just like to think of her Rakel as a grown up BA Elsa.

Battle 3: Romance

You know I can’t forget about the romance. I just love love.

SQ: Sweet and super hilarious are the words that come to mind.

CB: Odd. The polar bear and her fall in love but he can be a prince at night. And he like sleeps next to her(platonic obv).

Winner: Snow Queen.

Final Battle: BA Heroines

SQ: Rakel starts off as not so great a heroine. But she gets there! She just needs the confidence. I mean she goes to war even thought shes a prisoner. That is very BA. Plus she can be kind of hilarious.

CB: Again not so BA in the beginning. It takes a longggg time to get there. But then she is unstoppable.

Winner: BOTH! They both come into their own so well that I just can’t choose.

And the Final Winner of this weeks VS is:








28117720Congrats to the Snow Queen. A must read for those who like humor, romance, and magic.

Goodreads Links for both of these winter books(then you can pick your retailer.):

Goodreads: Heart of Ice

Goodreads: CurseBreaker

If you want an even closer look at my thoughts on the losing battle participant check out this post ——> CurseBreaker Review

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