#READShadowhunter – Discussion 1


Ah! I am so excited that it is finally my turn to host the #READShadowhunter readathon. We are going to start with City of Fallen Angels and I get to do the next three books. It has been a long time since I have read these and honestly I don’t remember much of them. So this will be like a first time read for me. So lets get to it!

If you don’t know about the readathon go check out Stephanie at Books in the Skye. To start I will give a little overview if you are just jumping in now. #READshadowhunter has been going on for most of this year and we are onto City of Fallen Angels as of now.
So how can you devote the time to these books. I mean there are so many of them. I will even admit that I have never gotten to the Dark Artifices. Shhh. With this readathon I will! But that is beside the point, we will be reading only a few chapters a week so it will be easy to keep up. You can just read part of a chapter every night and keep up easily.

Discussion Questions!


Simon’s Mom finds out he’s a vampire. She freaks out, doesn’t believe him and even thinks someone has taken over her son. Simon uses some sort of ability to make her forget. If you were Simon, what do you think you would have done in the situation?

If I were Simon I would have probably done the same. I mean what else can you do when someone reacts like that. It was one heck of a way to start this book. A mom freaking out that you are on drugs and you having to mind trick her. But I seriously cant imagine anything else that would fix this problem. To have such a religious family suddenly have a vampire just sucks. (I hate myself for that joke but I am going to leave it).


The Seelie Queen shows up in the park where Clary and Jace are training with some news. While Jace is on the call the Seelie Queen is trying to convince Clary that Jace is more drawn to her because of the Angel blood instead of it actually being Clary. After this, Clary starts to doubt. What would you think if you were Clary?

Ok. So honestly Clary just gets on my nerve. Her wishy washy does he love me or love me not thing needs to end. I had thought it was over by now but maybe it goes all the way through. So if I was her I would grow some trust and believe in Jace. But I really couldn’t answer this one non-biased because Clary and I don’t get along.

Whats Next?

I am excited to see what happens next because I really do not remember. I mean we just got Simon in his new apartment. Clary and Jace are on the rocks but not really. I just want to get to the good stuff.
But that will have to wait until next week.

What did you think of this weeks reading? Would you have reacted the same way I did or would you have handled it a bit differently? And the biggest question. What do you think is coming next for our rag tag team?

Now that we have started this book I can get more in depth with my thoughts as we go along. Since this is just the first few chapters this post will be a bit shorter. Going forward I may get a bit ranty. But for now come talk to me on twitter @auburnedge. Or leave a comment here and tell me your thoughts!

Readalong Dates for Me

September 16 – October 13
City of Fallen Angels
October 14 – November 10
City of Lost Souls
November 11 – December 8
City of Heavenly Fire

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