#READShadowhunter Discussion Post 3


Can you believe that we are already almost done with this book? It feels like I just started this book and the readathon. The good news is I still get to be the host for two more books.
I will admit this past week it has been hard to find time to read. My inlaws are coming to stay for a few days and it has been hectic. But have no fear I will still do my best to answer these amazing questions. And next week when we start the next book I can concentrate more on it.

Discussion Questions!


Camille and Magnus are reunited…. But not in a good way. Alec overhears them talking and is now mad with Magnus about his past. Do you think Alec has a right to be mad about Magnus’ past?

Who isn’t jealous now and then but I don’t think anyone would be prepared for finding out someone has dated 100 or so people. I would probably stalk out of there the same way he did. But if we sit back and really think about how long Magnus has lived and how much of a lover he is it makes sense. How can you fault a guy for wanting to be happy with people. So to react that way for a bit would be fine but Alec should think about it and relax. Let the past stay in the past.


It is clear that Isabelle and Mia are willing to forgive Simon, though it may not be right this moment. If you were either of them, would you be able to?

The short answer for this one: If i was Isabelle yes. If I was Mia no.
The longer answer: Isabelle has never been in love. She chooses guys who she knows she wont be able to commit too. So I don’t see why she could hold a grudge if she was half in the relationship but already half out. Mia was broken before and wants a guy she can rely on. So I think she is able to hold a grudge and have a bit more ground to stand on for it.

Next Week

So we have Maureen dead. Crap for Simon. He really needs to have a better day. And speaking of bad days we have Jace with his blackouts. He is basically losing his mind. Alec found out Magnus has had a ton of love stories. Isabelle is realizing she has never had love. Clary has a boyfriend who tried to hurt her. Basically they all need a nap, a day off, and maybe a good meal.

Readalong Dates for Me

September 16 – October 13
City of Fallen Angels
October 14 – November 10
City of Lost Souls
November 11 – December 8
City of Heavenly Fire

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