#READShadowhunter Post 6


Hello Everyone! Happy day after a long day. Who got to sleep in yesterday for the extra hours? I did not. Small humans do not understand the concept of Daylight Savings. So we got up an extra hour early. Hopefully you all got to sleep in an extra hour and read for the day.
As for the readalong I trust you are all keeping up if not already finishing the book. I may have been a bit behind as my hubby shipped out this past week and a little started preschool, not to mention Halloween. I had double Buzz Lightyears. What did you dress up as?
Let me know in the comments or on twitter. And be sure to let me know how the book is going. Along those lines lets get going with the amazing questions I was given for this week.


Simon needs to eat and Izzy realizes it. She offers Simon to let him bite her.  Obviously, Izzy is scared but she goes forward with it. Would you have let Simon bite you if you were Izzy?

If I was Izzy heck to the yes. Would you?
I mean lets think about it from her POV. She loves him, even if she hasn’t made that connection yet. Even if she got hurt by his stupidity (who dates two girls at once). So when Simon really needs someone it feels like the obvious choice. I would probably hesitate for a second because of my past but then go for it. He needs you, your his friend and you love him.


Jace has a moment of clarity. In this time he explains that a good Shadowhunter would turn themselves in – that the Clave would kill him to kill Sebastian but it would be like dying in battle. Do you agree with Jace? If you were him would you turn yourself in even though you knew you’d die?

Why the hard question! This one is just a tough one. I think if I was doing that bad stuff and could find a way to stop not just myself but someone else I may just do that. Even if it meant I had to die. It would be honorable in the end, right?
I would love to know your thoughts on this one as I am kind of torn. Comment here or find me on twitter or the #READShadowhunter hashtag.

Last week of City of Lost Souls!

It is time for a fight to end all fights. Sebastian needs to be stopped and it is time to buckle up and see the badasses do what they do best. Come through with a win when all hope is lost.

Readalong Dates for Me

September 16 – October 13
City of Fallen Angels
October 14 – November 10
City of Lost Souls
November 11 – December 8
City of Heavenly Fire

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