#READShadowhunter Post 7

Hello! Welcome to City of Heavenly Fire.

I cannot believe we are already almost done with not just the Mortal Instruments series but also the last book I will be hosting. It feels like this went super fast.
This week we started City of Heavenly Fire and the culmination of a lot of bad for the band of misfits. So lets get to it!


After the attacks on the institutes there is a huge Council meeting. The Blackthorns are brought in after loosing their family and being the only survivors. It’s said that the memories make us stronger and so do losses. But Clary points out that there is “So much magic but nothing to mend a broken heart” in sense of Runes. Do you think there should exist such a thing to mend a broken heart?

Heck no! Broken Hearts are part of life and something magic shouldnt even touch. I think in the moment you would want to forget or be numb but later on you would regret it. That pain teaches you and you grow from it. So no I don’t think there should be magic for broken hearts. Unless it brings unlimited ice cream!
What do you think?


Clary and Jace go in to a weapons shop where she notices two blades that are actually Morgenstern blades. She says the name is cursed and that the only people she has seen wield blades similar to those were the two men she hates. Diana tells her to take them and take the Morgenstern name back. What would you do if you were Clary?

Probably take the blades, rename them, and kick some serious a**. The blades aren’t inherently bad just the people who have used them. Clary can totally bring them back to being good. Plus how many people would actually know they are Morgenstern blades?

Have you read ahead? Do you know what is going to happen? I do not. I have no idea if I actually ever finished this book. I mean I know I skimmed it to find the hint of Tessa (which turned out to be so inconsequential I threw the book). It is unclear if I actually absorbed anything from the actual reading though.
Is this your first time reading these or are you enjoying the reread before the new series?

Readalong Dates for Me

September 16 – October 13
City of Fallen Angels
October 14 – November 10
City of Lost Souls
November 11 – December 8
City of Heavenly Fire

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