Cheap Bookstagram Props

Happy Monday Everyone!

That is a thing right? Where we are all happy it is Monday? No? Here’s hoping you are all staying safe and getting to have some much needed reading/relaxing time. And now that we all may have some free time anyone who wants to take Bookstagram pics can do that. In an effort to help everyone, who like me is broke, I have put together a list of things that you can use (with links not affiliate) to help you get started. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or feedback!

The first thing you need is the base or what you will be taking pictures on. Now you can use a blanket from home ( fluffy comforters work wonders) or a scarf. Heck if you have wood floors use those! But if you are looking for a designated spot you can do your pictures I suggest you head on out to Walmart, Target, the grocery store, or even Amazon for a poster board. Buy some cheap peel and stick wallpaper and you have yourself an inexpensive base. I have two different types of wallpaper. One on each side and when I am done it all just goes in the closet till I need it again. Here are some ideas. I have used all of these and they work absolutely great.

This peel and stick is the one you see in the picture above. Its my go to and easy to put on and looks great. Plus it is only $10.00 -Peel & Stick Cheap
This is cheaper and gives a pop of color. At only $6.00 – Blue Peel & Stick (You can see a picture of it below.

Now that we have the base set up we can look at the props. The first thing I have is an extra poster board for behind and then just a wood sign that I never painted as the prop in front. You can again use a blanket, scarf, painting, just the white board, a pillow, the wall, honestly anything. It is just there so people aren’t seeing all the stuff you have behind your pictures.
Once you have those set up its just a matter of props. I’m going to give you the few that I use regularly. You can use the picture to spot the things you like and then the link to purchase if you like that one. Or go off that and do your own searches. At the bottom I will do a total pricing and such.

Fake Succulents – $10
Vintage Post Cards – $8
Antique Key Set – $7
Queen Crown – $20
Dark Assassin Dagger – $12
Rattan Balls – $10
Wax Seal – $12
TOTAL = $79 or $90 if you include the peel & stick

Keep in mind that you can buy or not buy any of these. Heck some of them you can go to your local thrift store and find cheaper. Honestly I got the crown because it was so beautiful I had to buy it. You can start with one or two things and slowly work up. And remember all that book swag, decorations around your house, and your pets work. The picture does not have to have 50 fake flowers, a hot beverage, three different pieces of wood, and a billion other things. Some of the best bookstagramers use a few props continuously and just make use of their other books/surroundings to make the picture beautiful.

I hope this helps some of you know that it isn’t too expensive to start and starting small is a good thing. Let me know what you think and if you found anything you love to use!

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