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Hello everyone. Miss me? It has been awhile since I have done any posting. If you follow me on twitter you can probably guess the reason. If not here it is:

I started a website!

A real website that has so many moving pieces and parts that finding time to blog or take pictures for Instagram has just not happened. Instead I spend hours each day on Blog tours or updating the website with new features. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet you should.

The Book Terminal

You can find the Blog Tours we are currently running (we have two sign ups open when this goes out). We already have 2 more tours lined up for later this year. Honestly it is growing faster than I thought.

You can also find :

  • Pre-order incentives (which I try to update weekly)
  • Small bookish businesses (which you can submit your own if you want it added)
  • Influencers search (add yourself to the database)
  • Featured influencers/shops every week
  • Blog Tours
  • Book Recaps( coming next week)
  • Members pages
  • Forum
  • and more.

It is honestly a one stop for everything you want to know going on in the book world. I try my best to keep on top of it but it is definitely a full time job of love. (You can buy me a coffee on the home page if you like the website).

So that is the reason this blog has been so quiet. But fear not. Now that the basic layout of the website is pretty much how I like it; and I don’t have too many extra features I want to add I can get back to this.

So be on the lookout for short reviews and blog tours in the near future.

Also be sure to check out my website and let me know if you love it! Also if there is a feature you would like to see added!!

❤ Auburn

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