Lucky Shot – Blog Tour

Beckett Hallstrom is a rich, smirking, climbable treehouse of a man, with all the cockiness that comes with being a sports celebrity.

Had I known who he was, I might have asked for a time-out.

Instead, I’m falling hard for a man who was a high scorer when I was still in pigtails.

Now, the whole city is convinced that our relationship will make or break his team’s playoff hopes.

I’ve heard that hockey players are superstitious, but Beck wants to keep me in his pocket and rub me like a rabbit’s foot.

I’m a lucky girl, right? Or am I just getting played?

This was absolutely adorable and full just the right amount of drama for me. It follows a girl who just might be the luckiest or unluckiest thing for this hockey team. But which is it. We get all of the silly things players do to be lucky mixed in with a ton of romance. If you need a kindle read that will sweep you away for a few hours. This is it!

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