Moving into new genres

Good Morning my lovely people. How are we holding up? Stressed? Me too, I ate a whole bag of trail mix yesterday and I do not regret it.

Today is a big day around the world and while most of us are probably holed up in our libraries binge reading books or watching copious amounts of happy movies the world moves on. If you haven’t voted yet today is the day. It’s election day and HO BOY am I stressed.

So instead of a review post today I am going to change it up with a new addition to the site. Lately you may have noticed some of my reviews are of the adult variety? Yes? Well apparently I am an adult now and want to read about adult protagonists. Do not get me wrong I still love a good YA book but now I am branching out.

What does that mean exactly?

Well reviews will now include adult books. Don’t worry they will all still have romance because lets be honest I only read books with romance. *shrugs*

I will also occasionally do a short post with kids books in it. I have been branching out in all directions!

Until then PLEASE take time to relax and breathe. Block social media for the rest of the week and binge read your favorites (see this thurs upcoming post for my top 10 of all time books). If you ever need anyone to talk to I am here or you can find me on twitter @auburn_edge

One comment

  1. I am having popcorn for breakfast soooo…. LOL, stress eating. >_<
    WELCOME to the wonderful world of adult romance. It's so great that you're branching out! I'm also starting to branch out into reviewing some kids' books – I read them to my 4 and 6 year old and then get their "guest reviews" to inlude, haha. Sometimes I don't get much from them, but sometimes they have really great insight!

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