A tip and some tours

Happy Tuesday and almost Christmas. Ok so we still have a few weeks but it is coming up fast! I still can’t believe its December.

The website and the blog tours have taken off. Honestly the next 3 months are just tour on top of tour and woo. I am going to need a break after this. BUT I am so excited to share these tours and the amazing books we are going to help promote.

Still haven’t signed up to be a part of our emails? Have no fear. CLICK HERE (yeah that one hurt me too)

SPEAKING OF TOURS! (click on each to sign up)

Have you seen these awesome tours we have sign ups open for? Both need more people so if you want sign up. Even if you just want to do a mood board or playlist, dreamcast, or something else. Any blogger is welcome to sign up and we love to have full tours to help promote authors. Especially those debut authors who maybe haven’t gotten a ton of press.

If you really can’t sign up. Follow our twitter and just rt the sign up tweets. Help us reach out to an audience that may want to join and have the time.

WE APPRECIATE YOU. ME ESPECIALLY! I started the website this summer and already people have given me so much love and helped me grow something that I truly love doing.


Now for the inside tip:
We tend to announce tours at the beginning of the week. BUT once the sign up goes out to our email subscribers I usually sneak onto the website and post it in our currently running tours page. This way its there for those who know and when we annouce it on our social its already up and available.

Also there is so many hidden features on the website that people haven’t used but you could? Try it out. And if you happen to find a Baby Yoda on the website somewhere you should totally reach out to me on twitter. It could potentially give you $20 to amazon or b&n or a fav indie. But only to the first person (and I am only announcing it right here)

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