Summer Breeze – Blog Tour


Hello and welcome to The Summer Breeze tour hosted by Terminal Tours.

About the Book

Callie Williams is tired. Tired of her fast-paced life in New York City. Tired of the demanding hours of her successful career. And even more tired of her demanding fiancé. An unexpected visit and the discovery of a secret upend her life, and she is forced to make the decision to leave it all behind in search of something different…something more.

Moving back to her parents’ beautiful country home, Callie busies herself planning her younger sister’s wedding and helping her develop a new reality TV show. But despite being surrounded by her loving family, Callie finds herself feeling increasingly lonely and aimless. She yearns to find a place for herself – a place where she can be her own boss.

After months of self-reflection, Callie makes the life changing decision to open her own bed and breakfast…a decision that will bring her to the beautiful lakeside town of Seneca Springs and a major home renovation. Dealing with contractors and craftsmen, all while navigating the complexities of small-town life, will pose one of the greatest challenges she’s faced. But, along the way, she begins to forge lifelong friendships, eats more than her fair share of delicious food, and tries not to meddle in the lives of her guests.

As construction on The Summer Breeze Bed & Breakfast expands to include a spa, Callie meets Nick, a gorgeous, rough-around-the-edges construction worker who takes every chance he can to get under Callie’s skin. Past experience has made Callie question her taste in men, but there’s no denying the attraction between her and Nick. A late-night delivery will tear them apart, but a quintessential nor’easter snowstorm might just force them back together…..


Sneak Peek of First Words

Callie slowly surveyed the scene around her.  Her beautiful SoHo loft was completely bereft of any of her personal belongings. There  was not a single thing left that said that she had occupied this space for more than ve years. As she  looked around, she felt oddly as if she were standing  in someone else’s home. Well, technically, at midnight it would be someone else’s home.


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