I’m glad your stopping by to see some unique reads. Why read my blog? There are so many good book blogs out there that its hard to read another. Well here are a few reasons:

  1. I tend to read more unique books, not the mainstream top 100 list. So you get a better selection of books you might not of ever heard of before.
  2. Blunt. My blogs won’t be professional, sweet, or suck up to an author. I will always be honest, sometimes blunt in my thoughts on the book.
  3. I won’t bore you with tons of synopsis because honestly you can read it on amazon/B&N/bookbub. Why would you want me to give you paragraphs of synopsis when you really want to know if its worth reading or not.

Now a bit about me since we got the biggest stuff out of the way. I’m a military spouse who spends almost all her free time reading and reviewing books for fun. I don’t get paid, nor am I associated with any publishing companies. I do get review copies from authors. I just enjoy reading and want to share it with the world. I started a twitter and instagram to show off books I buy or free ARC’s I get from amazing authors


Here are some follow links to find me on other websites:
Twitter – @Auburn_edge
Instagram – Auburn_edge
Smashbomb – Auburn

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