Review Policy

My review requests are currently: Open

I am currently available for promotion posts, book reviews, and guest posts. If you are a debut 2020 author please be sure to reach out as I would love to work something out to get your book seen.

If you would like to request that I review your book please Fill Out This Form.

I review both Indie and Published Authors.

Genre Preferences:

  • – YA/NA
    • Fantasy
    • Romance
    • Supernatural
    • Contemporary
    • Paranormal
  • I do not review Horror or books involving severe trigger warnings.

Format Preferences:

I would love to read physical copies of books but if that is not possible I do review e-books in either .mobi or pdf.

Review Expectations:

My reviews will be posted in a three-four week timeline and include:

  • Post to Amazon if released
  • Post to Goodreads
  • Blog post in either a mini review or full post review
  • Bookstagram Picture posted on Instagram if physical book
  • Twitter shout out about book/ links to posts


If I really enjoy a book I may run a giveaway for that book. *this is only at my discretion.
Requests can be made to host giveaways with author/publisher paying for winners books/swag.*

*Please do not use any part of my review without my permission. Unless you are an author or publisher using part of my reviews for quotations, this rule applies to you.
*I have every right to decline a review request. If I am not interested in your book I do not have to read it.
*Please give a week for me to respond to review requests. Life can get busy!
*I do not receive or accept any payment or compensation for my reviews.

What if I don’t like the book?

If I find that the book is not to my liking I will not post a 1* review on my blog nor on Amazon. I may post on Goodreads. If I find that I did not like the book I will send an email back informing you of this.

If you would like to request that I review your book please Fill Out This Form.
You can also email me: